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Re: 2000

KA2IQB wrote:

> In a message dated 97-12-08 03:21:41 EST, Dick Hobbs wrote:
> << As has been proved too many times, the world prefers the dull and
> unimaginative second-best solution to the bold and new.  Why else do we all
> have VHS recorders at home? >>
> It's called survival of the fittest, 'fittest' not necessarily being
> equivalent to 'best' in any particular way.
> I agree with Chris and I'd like to ad that I'm a Mac owner.  VHS became the
> dominant home tape format not because the public chose it, but because Sony
> handed it to them.  While Sony was busy trying to control and dominate the
> market, JVC was busy licensing other manufacturers to make their VHS machines,
> which in turn flooded the market, drove down prices, and eventually VHS won
> out.

Apple unfortunately didn't learn the lesson of VHS. While Bill Gates was busy
copying the the best features of the Mac OS, Apple was busy controlling the
manufacture of their machines and the licensing of software for the Mac, rather
than focusing on the earlier innovation that made their machine so popular.  That
kept the price artificially high, and when Microsoft came out with Win 95 which
made the PC nearly as user friendly as the Mac, well we all know what happened.
Meantime Apple continues to rest on it's laurels, and gives us this pathetic
marketing campaign about "innovation".

If the Mac goes the way of the betamax, it won't be the fault of the public or
Microsoft, only Apple can take the blame.  I'll hang on to my Mac as long as I
can, until I can't get any more software for it.  Then I'll trade it in for a PC,
just like I dumped my Beta HiFi for a VHS.

Phil Voss

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