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Philips Spirit for fully digital film post


We've had some people come to us recently that want to do a fully digital
path on a feature film.  This is mostly because they're not satisfied that
they can get the look they want just through shooting and the conventional
film grading techniques.  They're also experienced in the flexability of
telecine grading, and want that same flexability in their film finish.

On a 100 minute picture, that's a lot of frames to go through something
like a Genesis, through the stop-start grading on something like Cineon
(change something, render it, readjust, go round again).  I think what they
want is the type of experience that you get in a telecine suite, where you
change things and it appears on screen before you.

Which makes the Spirit an ideal solution (by my reading), doing the
scanning at 2k.

My questions are though (and they may be covered but I don't know about it):

1) Can I expect to do a grade to 10bit log and have it come back right
first time once shot to film (assuming my film recorder is set up to the
Cineon standard) given that the monitoring in the telecine is likely to be
set up for TV colourimetry rather than film, and lacks the contrast range
of film?

2) Can I do the grading and previews at real time with correct colour, and
the 2k scans at the 6fps of the Spirit?

3) What are my archiving options to catch the 1.2 TB of data it'll create?

4) Has anyone actually done this, and how can I contact them?

That's about all really.  This seems like the way to go, but noone in
Australia has actually bought one of these machines, so it looks like it
would have to go off-shore.

Any thoughts appreciated!



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