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Phil Voss [SMTP:sagepunk at mindspring.com] quoted:-
> << As has been proved too many times, the world prefers the dull and
> unimaginative second-best solution to the bold and new.  Why else do we all
> have VHS recorders at home? >>

Please can someone tell me what is so damn wonderful about the obsolete
Betamax format compared with VHS - (which seems to have outlasted almost
every professional format, including all those promoted by Sony).

We keep on seeing Beta vs VHS cited as the ultimate example of marketing
over design or functionality.  Is it the only example? - it's a little
old and stale by now -  or is it just a convenient and repetitious
excuse for people who made the wrong choice?. 

(BTW I'vs still got a Betamax player at home, in the roof next to the
8mm projector).
  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia

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