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Re: Philips Spirit for fully digital film post

	Hi, just a few more thoughts, one of the difficulties is to anticipate
secondary grading, doing the job in two times on different systems is a bit
tricky, try this: grade with primaries only, then with secondaries only,
with clients of course, I bet it doesn't take five minutes before you wish
you could access the primaries. This leads to the concept of virtual
telecine I have heard about: a few datacines scanning everything, a huge
database where you can pick-up your pictures for down- conversion,
reframing, regrading, the pictures are considered like "definitively
scanned" because scanned in the highest possible quality. One question: who
is going to scan the film I will grade ?
	Grading on workstation: it seems obvious to me it is a colorist job, I
can't imagine another guy finishing the grade. Which colorist is going to
tell all his regular clients he is busy for at least two months ? Not
saying it would have to be a really fast workstation, a colorist is
constantly balancing adjusting. 
	Just because you can scan really fast with a Spirit doesn't mean full
digital post for features is here, it will happen, but today is still
heroic times, remember those times when some people did animation with
2inch VTRs ? My feeling is the day we can handle Hi-res telecine more or
less the way we do SDTV today is the one we can open the bottles of
Champagne. Let's see what Pandora will show at NAB, by the way, is Megadef
really going to have the same features than DCP/ESR ? I mean everything we
can do today in SDTV ? 
	Too bad most of it went through private email, it would have been a good


> The big win here is that the grading will happen interactively, allowing
> the director and DoP to contribute to the look without waiting for a
> workstation to render the effect. 
> It'd be great to be able to do secondary work at this stage, as it's the
> creative grading process they're after   
> 2) Secondary grading is coming, but no fixed timeframe.  This film isn't
> due to scan until the end of '98, so it'll hopefully be here by then.  If
> we were to do it today, the secondaries would need to be done on
> workstations after the transfer.

> I've received lots of help from the various emails (mostly direct to me),

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