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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine


Christopher Bacon wrote:

>Several of the 36 possible DTV scenarios that have been mentioned perform
>transmission of film-originated material directly at 24 FPS, without a pulldown.

I wish for HDTV to increase the frame rate. Raised on PAL, let me assure you
that European Television gave us all headaches. It may have been all that
intellectual programming. If not, it must have been 25fps.

In video class I learned that the eye is more sensitive to flicker coming into "the
corner of the eye". This could explain why things are fine in a dark movie theater.
We keep our eyes at the screen.

In the Old Country, people get tired after watching lots of TV. Furthermore, you
have to sit down and focus. Here in the States, I find myself working 8 hours in a
control room with some 20 blasting monitors. I have lights on, my eyes stray
between computers, papers, monitors,... I'm fine.

John Snopes wrote:

>NTSC and PAL trasmission
>stations would simply have a standards converter just before the TX."

The post industry puts money and pride into technical quality. I believe most film
produced material from this town comes out looking better around the world
today, as more transfers and conversions are done in post, vs at TV-stations.

Best Regards

Lars Lundeberg,
Master Control Operator, Fox Sports, Los Angeles

						   Lars Lundeberg  				
						  be176 at lafn.org
						Los Angeles CA

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