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Re: Archives

> Bill Hogan just pointed out to me that the TIG web archives weren't
> updating.  I took a look and the archive update engine, of my design,
> stopped dead with Martin Greenwood's message force-dated to December
> 2000.  You might say this means I'm not year-2000-ready.. but in fact
> the update engine accepted Martin's message but choked on the
> huge jump *back* in time by the very next message.

Here it is, Rob,
The very first episode of "This is Your Twilight Zone".
Be afraid, very afraid, and read dominic case's post again.
You have been warned.............
I'm sending this from 1997. But I'm a few hours ahead, and there is still a
day here, so you haven't done any damage yet.....
Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia

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