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RE: CLOCKS, archives and 2000

Item 1: Martin Greenwood wrote:-
This is a free test of all your mail servers, because I sent this
from a Mac on Dec 9th 2000.If you don't receive this message, it's
lost in time!!

Item 2: Rob wrote:-
 but in fact
> the update engine accepted Martin's message but choked on the
> huge jump *back* in time by the very next message.

Item 3: Rob wrote:
A few months ago my syslog informed me:
Unusual System Events
Jun 30 17:00:02 sun.alegri.com xntpd[212]: leap second occured, stepped
time back
1 second

Rob - perhaps you took no notice at the time: but I suspect that your
leap second on Jun 30 was a meson of anti-time flying off from the
collision between Martin Greenwood's message from the 21st century and
yur own computer clock.

Unless it was sent to the list as proof that DF is a natural phenomenon
and we'll never be rid of it. How many 29.94/30ths of a second does it
take to make up a leap second? In percentage terms?

And now, back to telecine . . .
  Dominic Case
  Atlab Australia

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