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insouciant adjectives

Mike Orton wrote:

> At 8:46 PM -0800 12/12/97, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> "I hope everyone's bearing up under the insouciance."
> >
> Nice adjective, Rob. I seem to recall you liked that one when I used it to
> describe Bob Festa's mastery of the telecine session. Sincere flattery
> indeed.
> Note to Bob Festa: In this context it's a *good* thing, so don't
> misconstrue the intent! You are indeed the Master.....


Why is my mailbox filled with a dozen of your silver email bullets. Maybe you
should digest your responses to the TIG, (perhaps that sleepy mac is ill
equipped to cut and paste, eh?)

Rob, how about something like...

set Orton TIG digest

...That should do it.

Thank you for the compliment (I think). However, despite repeated attempts I
am unable to squeeze the word insouciance into my own west coast ivy league
lexicon. Can you give me something that rolls off of the tongue a little more

I'm currently testing the 525/625 Spirit at the first commercial facility to
do so on this coast. Will let you know how it transpires over the next few

I promise, next post will actually have some telecine related information.

Bob Festa              festa at pacbell.net
Director of Telecine
Encore Santa Monica        310 656 7663

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