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More DTV Concerns

Wait a minute, if recording 59.94 HDTV should theoretically save
material costs, how come my D1-76 minute tape  at  625 25 fps doesn't cost
any less than my D1-76 minute tape  at  525 59.94???

Also, does anybody care that in the 'Grand' DTV scheme, where component
HDTV video is mastered in 709 color space, will be down-converted/
simul-casted and decoded into 601 color space?

I can understand the 'backward' (awkward) compatibility issue of 59 v.
60, but how the heck did 709 color space get sneaked into the formula???
What happened to backward compatibility on that one?

And last, since DTV will be delivering MPEG encoded film sources, the
3:2 sequence is already stripped and re-inserted at the receiver/decoder
(as is DVD film sources now.)
The advantages of 24 fps mastering in real time HDTV (1080P/24) are not
with us yet (dang!)

Ron Martin
Universal High Definition Telecine Center

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