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Re: More DTV Concerns

>Wait a minute, if recording 59.94 HDTV should theoretically save
>material costs, how come my D1-76 minute tape  at  625 25 fps doesn't cost
>any less than my D1-76 minute tape  at  525 59.94???

The 601 format results in 27 million samples per second regardless of the
video standard used  (13.5 for Y and 6.75 ea. Cb,Cr).  This means that you
would use the same amount of tape per unit of time.  Had the tape format
been optimized for each particular standard you would end-up with a longer
tape for PAL and shorter for NTSC  --and a resulting cost discrepancy.

The HDTV assumption is based on the assumption that if the only variable
were the frame-rate, a higher rate would require more storage.


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