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Re: Y2K, Mac vs. PC's and Telecine

Dave Satin wrote:
>I do not think that active matrix LCDs or Plasma displays will ever
>replace the CRT in critical monitoring applications. In the
>multi-format, multi-resolution world that is coming (rapidly), the
>last thing that we want is displays with fixed pixels patterns.

It is not the pixel pattern that's fixed: it's the triad pattern. This is
as true of colour CRT's as it is of LCD or plasma displays. The pitch
(spacing) of the triads is what, among other things, puts a limit on the
upper resolution bounds of a display device.

Some of the plasma displays shown at recent trade shows are pretty
impressive, as far as viewing angle, etc. goes. Won't be long before your
girlfriend has the TV set on the wall!



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Group Leader,
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