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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine

> Dave.Satin wrote:
> >can't dream, but how many manufacurers will be building 3 GB/sec

> Then Bill Elswick wrote:
> Isn't it "only" 1.485 Gb/sec, which is "only" 185.625 MB/sec?
> Still a daunting data rate, but do-able with a disk array, and I
> would think with a properly designed tape machine.

In fact Sony, trying to keep their foot in the door with tape machines,
(still there primary business) has announced (publicly stated) that at
NAB they will show a prototype of a new uncompressed HDTV vtr.  This
replaces their open reel 1" machine that uses tape that costs
$1,000.00/HR.  When the HDTV Sandards were announced at this time a year
ago Sony found that they did not have a Modern VTR for Post Production. 
Instead they had spent the effort on a 7 to 1 compressed format for
field recording that fits on the back of Camcorder sized like a

This recorder will record the current HDTV digital standard of 1920 x
1080 at 60(or 59.94) interlaced fields per second.  Also it was
announced  that it would record full bandwidth RGB (no transcoding) at
1920 x 1080 24 Frames per second PROGRESSIVE.  This is because when you
do the math you find that the data rate is the same for the two
formats.  (Ron Martin--are you listening?) Yes, Sony recording at 24
Frames progressive.  Bet you it will also record 720 progressive too. 
They also announced they are going to make a 24 Frame progressive Field
camera for "Cinema" shooting for going back to film for distribution. 
The VTR is based on their "D2" transport---OH NO!!!!!!!

Only catch is that the VTR will not be available til "Some time in
1999"  In the mean time D5 is gaining a strong foothold in the market.

Regards,  Bill

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