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Evertz Keycode Help

A friend with a MKIIIC, Davinci Classic and TLC (among other components)
recently asked  if we have ever had the following problem.  As I hadn't, I
thought I'd post it to see if anyone on the TIG has any ideas.


Bob Lancaster

....occasionally the A-B-C-D part of the key-kode window on the tape would
disappear.  The feet and frame count would remain in tact and correct, but
the A-B-C-D information would apparently just drop out of the video signal.
 Generally, this lasted for only for a few seconds, and it was always it
was in the correct sequence when it came back .  Signal blanking was
correct (on the Evertz output), and there were no other symptoms of poor
video recording.  Any idea what is causing this?  Was it a problem on the
Evertz setup? or on the record deck end?  Operator error?  We even
up-graded the Evertz from a 4015 to a 4025 and the problem continued....

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