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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine

>In fact Sony, trying to keep their foot in the door with tape machines,
>(still there primary business) has announced (publicly stated) that at
>NAB they will show a prototype of a new uncompressed HDTV vtr.  

I was told that Sony is calling this new uncompressed HDTV format "MPV" ,
and the target price they mentioned was about $140K. They said that they
would have at least 8 audio channels, and the reason they chose the D2
transport as a platform for the new format, is that it has proven to be very
robust (unlike D1). BTW, with the new DigiBeta HDTV machine, the compression
rate quoted was 7 to 1 at NAB, but recently was explained as actually "4 to
1 compression with pre filtering". Is this a euphemism, or what? ;-)  I've
also heard that Panasonic will be adding 4 more compressed audio channels to
their D5 HDTV VTR (they already have 4 uncompressed audio channels). Since
Dolby AC3, or other multiple channel audio, is being asked for, it's good to
see that some effort is being made to allow  more versitile audio
capabilities in new VTRs (or Servers).  

Craig Nichols
Director of Telecine Engineering
Todd-AO Video Services

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