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Re: Solution for really accurate sync?

   Hello to all!

    Growler writes:

                     Aatons main problem is it is not as reliable as
smart slates. I would have to sa
GR>3/4 of all the Aaton jobs I have done have had more than twice the
GR>amount of nonbillable downtime because of any number of problems
GR>including, Poor exposure of the timecode, Something amis in the
GR>paramiters (which you cannot adjust anymore one must create a new
   First of all, let me start by saying that in my many years of
handling Aatoncode as
well as Arricode I have always found the advantages to far exceed the
of setting up the reader, which takes no more than 2-3 minutes.  As far
as the occasional
exposure problem goes with aatoncode the fix is one keystroke.  And if
configuration needs adjusting you simply strike two keys and to create a
modified config. for the current session without ever exiting the main
operating screen.
As I said to Growler in a personal reply earlier,  these comments
indicate that
the software he or she is using is either more than a year old or
misunderstood.Changes were made by Aaton in response to the requests of
Growler goes on to say:
, the Aaton camera needs to be jammed with
GR>the Nagra (or DAT) Also (unless the DP
GR>has a long cable) the camera needs to be physically moved over to the
GR>sound source and rejammed throughout the shoot,
  The standard practice is to re-jam twice a day, using a master clock
which is
the size of a cellphone. In the event that a master clock is unavailable
and the
sound recorder is not portable the camera will not drift and can be left
alone. The practice of jamming after lunch is really meant to correct
for drift
in the audio recorder clock which will generally not exceed a couple of
And then Growler writes:
GR> Most experenced Aaton shooters slate with smartslate anyway because
GR>they dont trust the Aaton camera unit
I rarely see smart slates with film code, although I strongly suggest
the use
of standard clappers as a back-up whenever practical. And one clapper at
the start
of each shooting day to correct offsets is nice.
    Growler adds:
GR>Aatons astronomical (for what it actually is) price tag has made suites
GR>that are "Aaton capable" few and far between. And when they are
GR>available they charge more for use of it.
  Most  facilities charge a few dollars extra for using it to justify
the time savings.  The clients are always happy to pay a few dollars
more per hour to save 10%-25%  in the end because of the time saved
 As far as the cost of the Keylink goes, many consider it a bargain once
they see the
way it reduces redo time and makes the entire dailies process run better
less manpower.
GR> But as for the best I say Keep It Simple Stupid. The prize goes to the
GR>old reliable TLC with a Nagra follow.
  I will take chase sync any time, any day.  Running the Nagra with the
TLC works
fine when all of the slates are readable at the head of the scene and
proper pre-roll
is recorded, but chasing saves the day when things do not go so well on
the set. I have
found that even without film code chase sync always works best.
   In closing I must add that Aaton has recently released even newer
software (6.14which
tremendously improves the logging process. Keylink users should check
this out! And
a new program which is free to Keylink users has been introduced called
Logalone.  I
will leave it to Aaton to explain further in the appropriate
forum.....but I sure do like it!
   I am sorry if this letter appears to be an endorsement. I am simply
stating my opinion
and I can assure you all that I am not compensated by Aaton, Cintel or
anyone else
for doing so.
  And a very happy holiday to all !
                   God bless you in 1998,
      Randy Coonfield
                  Matchframe Video, Burbank
                  doctorpepper at msn.com
                  doctorpepper at scvgvine.com
                  doctorpepper at thevine.net

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