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Re: SCAN'Dal pricing


> Dave Corbitt wrote-->>
> >> We just installed SCAN'Dal on both our URSAs Saturday...deletia
> Bob Festa wrote back-->>
> >Weve got clients lined up to pay $250.00 hr additional to the room rate
> >Clearview....deletia
> Dave Corbitt wrote back-->>
> ....deletia..... feedback from the rest of the tig members?  Do you
> extra for using Clearview or SCAN'dAL to reduce/eliminate aliasing?
> Also, how has Clearview or SCAN'dAL affected CRT life?

I'm running a Turbo III w/Clearview.  We took delivery in May and currently

have about 2,000 hours on the tube with less than 20% of that time in 
Clearview mode.  To date their have been no phosphor "opportunities" 
observed as a result of using Clearview though we are still relatively
early in the game and I am much interested in other's experience.

We do not charge an additional fee for using Clearview.

I find the Clearview to function exceptionally well in reduction of alias
artifacts.  I generally use it on a scene specific basis and on all
matte generating material.  Clients and compositors have been
equally impressed with the results though I do feel somewhat under
"The Sword Of Damocles" regarding the size of the scan patch and
the color shift between run and stop when in Clearview mode.

Dave, does SCAN'dAL color shift 'twixt run & still?

Bob, does Clearview color shift on the URSA (Gold/Diamond?) 
you are running?   

Could a DSE be programmed to recognize Clearview mode and
automatically compensate?

Ted Brady
Match Frame, Austin TX
tedb at matchframe.com



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