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Re: SCAN'Dal pricing

>Ted Brady wrote-->
>I'm running a Turbo III w/Clearview....currently
>have about 2,000 hours on the tube with less than 20% of that time in
>Clearview mode........
>We do not charge...for..Clearview.
>I find the Clearview to function exceptionally well ...I do feel somewhat
>"The Sword Of Damocles" regarding the size of the scan patch and
>the color shift between run and stop when in Clearview mode.


No color shift with SCAN'dAL but I think that has more to do with TWiGi and
it's excellent burn correction system than SCAN'dAL.  SCAN'dAL does not use
a different size patch than the normal telecine.  Alias elimination is done
by making the scan lines fat enough (vertically) to just touch instead of
clumping more lines closer together as Clearview does.  With a fatter spot
the energy density is spread out a little bit so the light output of the
crt actually goes up about 20-30% which improves signal to noise. It sounds
like Clearview concentrates the energy making for a crt that gets pushed
pretty hard.  I guess that's why Bob Festa charges $250/hr to get the cash
to replace the crt's frequently.  Bob, care to comment on tube life with

The last CRT we pulled out of an URSA was a Tube Enhancement that ran for
17 months round the clock.  Since the TE tubes do not have a clock on them
like the Brimars we don't know for sure how many machine hours that is.  My
guess is around 10,000-12,000 hours of actual use.

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