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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine

>At 8:08 AM -0800 12/16/97, Craig Nichols wrote:
>...... reason they chose the D2 has proven to be very robust (unlike D1).
>You've got to be sh*tt*n' me. Sony thinks the D-2 transport is *robust*?
>How about that for manufacturers' revisionism? 

Sounds like typical Sonyspeak to me. I think they are trying to say the
don't want it to end up being as screwed up as D1. Of course they bit their
tounge and did not mention the Ampex VPR300 D2 (one of the more robust tape
shredders I've seen). ;-) Of course, like all Sony transports, the Sony D2s
are made of an odd metal that someone working at Sony once called
"Japanisium....the only non ferrous metal known to mankind that rusts".

I agree that Sony should really buy or build a transport more like
DCT....which leads to....

>Why don't they just buy the transport from Ampex, and have done with?
Better yet, why can't Ampex adapt the DST tape drive to do something like
Sony proposes with MPV (letters I tend to associate with a Mazda MiniVan,
instead of an uncompressed real time data recorder). Will we be seeing Mazda
and Sony battle it out trademark infringment suit?  ;-)  If so, Ampex here
is your chance, all is forgiven.

Craig Nichols
Director of Telecine Engineering
Todd-AO Video Services
craign at tvsnet.com

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