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Re: C-Reality comes into view

Ron Martin wrote:
> The folks from Cintel have been going to facilities this week to talk
> about the progress on C-Reality.
> It seems they expect to have a HDTV capable machine at NAB with delivery
> projected for 3rd quarter 1998.  The specifications thus far are
> impressive and it should give the Phillips folks a serious run for their
> money (and we are talking a ton of money here!)
> The machine will include 525, 625, and HDTV outputs at real time and
> data (real 2k x 1500 scanning)at somewhere around 4 - 8 fps. All this
> with internal color correction (primary and secondary)

Do not forget multiple soft edged windows, with Primary, Secondary AND
Aperture in each.

2K scanning is at 6 fps.

The colour corrector & "power" windows  works in all standards.

Lee Walker
CReality Cintel Design Engineer.
"What are we going to do tonight Brain ?"
"The same as every night Pinky. Try to take over the World !"

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