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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine

1. The Sony MPV is *not* compressed. This means that in native 1080 I 
mode, it records and plays back at 1.5 Gb/sec. At this point in 
time, six months or so before its introduction, Sony has made no 
claims that it will or will not support recording at any other DTV 
format. By the way, the MPV might support up to 32 AES audio 
channels. I have heard that the MPV will support GBR recording at 10 
bit log with a "standard" computer interface....

2. So you say that you wish to work in 720P. Who will build your 
switcher, DVE, etc? Are you willing to pay TWICE what a 1080I 
switcher costs, or will you, like the rest of us, work in 1080I and 
format convert for transmission?

3. The laws of physics apply to everyone in this universe, including 
the Japanese and the Swedish. Just because you can go to trade shows 
and look at a 720P VTR, camera, or telecine does not mean that it is 
possible to purchase all the myriad pieces of kit that comprise a 
SYSTEM. If you don't believe me, just ask Digital Vision for a 
quotation on a 720P DVNR!

4. Phillips has informed me multiple numbers of times that they will 
suport *any* pixel count/line rate stated in the ATSC A/53 
document  that its customers require. How do I know this? I have a 
Spirit. That's how!

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