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Re: Color Spaceing Problem in Flame/Fire/Inferno

 This is a very difficult problem, especially when you are dealing with clients
who do not understand, or care about the problems faced by the equipment that we
work with. All they know is that they used to be able to get that color and now
they can't. What we have done to get around this is a little bizarre, but we
have been using this set up for about a year, and it has worked very well.
 We are running both Flame(RE2) and Fire(Onyx2IR2) in our facility which both
present the same RGB problems. We have placed a Sony BVX-D10 color corrector in
both suites which are used to compress the level of the signal going into the DL
boxes. We were very careful to set up presets that allow us to exactly reverse
the process on output from these boxes. This is by no means a perfect solution
to the problem, and there were a thousand variables to be considered, but we
felt, unlike the majority a facilities out there, that this problem was not
something that we could live with. The slight increase in noise due to our
technique out weighed the compromises that were being made by simply clipping
the highly saturated areas of the image. As a result of this option that we have
chosen, we need to come up with a system to for the operators to tag spots with
the preset being used to insure that they are restored to the original value on
output. Also, all archives that are done, are laid to tape compressed, so that
this process would only be used on any given material once, and once only. Like
I said, there are a great deal of things to think about to make this work. For
Flame archives being sent out of house, Bars are laid at the head of the video
which are compressed by the same amount which allows the facility to accurately
restore the values, although I do not think that we have sent out any such tapes
to date. This solution is only used on material which would otherwise be
clipped, and if it is not needed, the color corrector is simply placed in bypass
mode. The bottom line, although not a perfect solution, is that our clients walk
out the doors feeling that we were able to deliver the product exactly like they
wanted, which the facility down the street could not do.

Steven Flippin
Chief Engineer
Crash & Sue's Film/Video Post
Minneapolis, MN

Birdy44 wrote:

> Known for some time now the color spacing problem in Discreet logic machines
> has been a difficult problem to solve.
> The flame takes in a digital 4:2:2 signal and spits out a signal chopped at
> 100 units.
> making all highlights turn a Different color or pure white
> All we have been able to do is color correct in RGB to make the problem go
> away.
> Is the another solution ?
> When Will Discreet logic fix this Problem ?
> Micah Kirz
> Nice Shoes
> New York

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