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Re: Y2K, HDTV and Telecine

Ron Martin wrote:
>My take from Sony, as Craig Nichols stated, is that this machine is
>indeed a compressed video recorder. Thus the claims of multi format
>input capability. If fact the unit qualifies more as a data recorder
>that runs at video rate than a real 'video' recorder. 
Although it may not have been clear from my original post, I was talking
about two different tape machines. Sony did say that "MPV" will be a
recorder capable of recording 1.5 Gb/sec. data streams uncompressed.  The
DigiBeta HDTV version is indeed compressed, but they give different answers
about how much....4 to 1 with "prefilter", or 7 to 1 without being in
denial? ;-)  

I was told that the "MPV" is an uncompressed video/data recorder capable of
working within the 1080I video realm.  There were hints however, at the
presentation, that it could also support other data rates comning from
Spirit (or Sony Telecine,or??) directly.   They did not mention these data
streams being compressed. To the purist,  if one wanted to play devil's
advocate, one  could argue that 1080I is "compressed" in that it has
interlace, which some suggest is actually a form of compression. How's that
for a can of worms?  ;-}

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services

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