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 It is drawing closer to the big buying spree we call NAB, and I was hoping that
someone with Cintel could enlighten us with a little information on the product,
including possibly info on the Servo system and image stability(both a real time
and 2Kmodes), burn correction and anti-aliasing information, noise specs, etc...
It would be very helpful for the telecine community to have a few of these
questions answered before showing up on the show floor and wasting everyone's
time by asking the same old questions over and over again. If possible, a little
pre-NAB info on the new C-Reality color corrector would also be very helpful. To
this point all I have heard is that it will offer both primary and secondary
correction, some type of windowing, and will work somewhere near the front end
of the telecine at 14 bit resolution.  Thanks.

Steven Flippin
Chief Engineer
Crash & Sue's Film/Video Post
Minneapolis, MN

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