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YUV/RGB Color Space Issues

Discreet Logic is saying that they are waiting for DTV & All These new
Are Coming Out ( film scanners,Spirit,C-Reality) But I am Sorry we are in
and todays technology is what we have. So if I say to my Clients Well We can't
do that we are waiting for DTV what do you think they would say ?
Since We are your clients and we all have this problem now don't you think you
should mold to the way we work now and not say  it will be OK in the future.
So  till The FCC Gives us the 36 different flavors of DTV we are still stuck
in NTSC.
 I also totally agree with that. Hue shifts and banding artifacts
are the results of clipping when a YUV signal ranges outside of what a
color space converter is expecting and also possibly the result of a
computation . I see It every day.
So if it takes fitting RGB Into YUV thats your problem to solve. and the
industry needs it yesterday, not in the future.

Micah Kirz
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New York

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