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RE: YUV/RGB Color Space Issues

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	You are right. The RGB color space has a larger gammut than the YUV
	BUT, because the end-of -the-line display devices, CRTs are RGB

	>  yes but the CRT displays these colors nonlinearly and you process
them in RGB space linearly.  I believe the SGI luma transfer functions are
different than normal video transfer functions.
	this greatly influences how we define a signal as being legal or not
	know it's not the only factor..). So it is safe to assume that an
	where the RGB color space is fit within the YUV space is safe and
	cover the vast majority of the colors which we can safely assume
	display accurately on the end projection devices.

	In this case is this space still shaped like a cube?

	AS a side note, how will you handle the fact that the luma equations
as defined in Rec. 709 (HDTV) are different than those defined in 601 or
240M?  I realize we probably can't see these differences, but which will you

	Thanks for the education.


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