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SCAN'Dal pricing

Dave Corbitt wrote:

> It sounds
> like Clearview concentrates the energy making for a crt that gets
> pushed
> pretty hard.  I guess that's why Bob Festa charges $250/hr to get the
> cash
> to replace the crt's frequently.  Bob, care to comment on tube life
> with
> Clearview?

From my humble understanding, Clearview should increase tube life by
enlarging the patch to a larger size when in use. However I'm still on
an original tube from a one and a half year old URSA Diamond. No
immediate tube life problems. My latest answer to this whole issue is
the Spirit. Why disguise aliasing and moiré' when you can get a clean
2K'ish scan to begin with? If your removing moiré' with a Diamond and
Clearview at over a thousand  dollars an hour(west coast), the Spirit
starts to make a lot more financial and common sense. In side by side
comparisons, I've found managing high frequency roll off is smarter than
masking images with a scan softening tool. My .02 cents.

Bob Festa              festa at pacbell.net
Director of Telecine
Encore Santa Monica        310 656 7663

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