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Hey Folks

 Well now that all has cooled off a bit, I am completely amazed at how
people defend the Aaton device. All I was pointing out is the
shortcomings of software. And the line by line reply pointing out that
all the problems have been fixed...well talk about job security..you
would think after what 6 versions and updates for each version in the 3
digits that Aaton whould have got it right by now. Also with the price
you pay the fact that you have to looking for the updates is ludicrous.
They should be in the mail the first moment they are available.
 In comparison Everts updates are available through there BBS and they
are far from the version 6.00... I am not saying that Everts is perfect
(I'm still waiting for backward counting capability..and yes I know
Aaton can do it with no problem) but Everts is by far a more relaiable
and predictable.
 As far as how much faster and better sync is performed well you still
need to stop any edit when your DAT or 1/4" finds lock again with Aaton. 
All you are saving is the keystrokes for tc input. I happen to be very
fast at inputing numbers so I dont see the need.
 And as far as shooting with no smartslate well you are setting yourself
up for disaster...I've seen it...more times than I am willing to print
(for fear of embarassing people I have a great deal of respect for.)
 Well Randy I hope we are still buddys. Please dont take this personally
like I said before it's just an observation.
 The Growler

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