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Re: Amazing (not the way you think)

Said  David Keleshian  20/12/97 5:42 :

> Well now that all has cooled off a bit, I am completely amazed 
> at how people defend the Aaton device. [..]
> well talk about job security you would think after what 6 versions 
> and updates for each version in the 3 digits that Aaton whould have 
> got it right by now.

I am amazed at how you attack the Aaton device with this 
undocumented remark.  The first Keylink was introduced 1985,
six major versions in 12 years is the norm in the computer 
One of Keylink advantages is to be upgradable without internal 
eprom changes. Among many others, ask Dave Corbitt or Pankaj at 
manhattan Transfer, or Dave Best at PostPerfect, they will tell you 
how fast Aaton reacts. They make a specific request: bingo, another 
version increment (but not for immediate general release).
Over 1997 three versions have been released to mark the introduction 
of new options and functionalities (that the competition was or is not 
yet offering BTW).
*6.01c*  Greyfinder: Kodak TEC automatic handling on both Cintel & 
         BorderMover: adjusting VideoTC+Keycode in/out points together.
*6.02e*  Instasync: on the fly audio syncing with no tape preroll.
*6.14*   EditMonitor: permanent control of edit controllers (mis)behavior.

> [..] And as far as shooting with no smartslate well you are setting 
> yourself up for disaster..

Randy, J.Bowring and van Carlson already put an end to this debate. 
But I will nevertheless make a remark in passing:
for sure -- as a film camera manufacturer --, Aaton is the 
great defender of slateless shooting (a blessing for documentary 
and multi-camera work) but you should have noticed that as a telecine 
code-reader manufacturer Aaton offers the most comprehensive system to 
handle sticks and digi-slates; in fact Keylink is the only system which 
cares about both direct audioTC *and* auxilliary TC.

> I am not saying that Everts is perfect (I'm still waiting for backward 
> counting capability..and yes I know Aaton can do it with no problem) 
> but Everts is by far a more relaiable and predictable.

Why are so many reputed engineers and colorists saying exactly 
the opposite?  It would seem from this statement that you have had 
enough experience with both systems to make a comparison. But
our client list doesn't show your facility owns a Keylink; are your 
remarks based on an experience you had several years ago?


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