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Re: Amazing

On Sat, 20 Dec 97 22:48:55 +0000, you wrote:

>	David, I am sorry to say that but your comment is amazing, after several
>years using Keylink I had to adapt to Evertz when I moved to London, you
>can't compare a Toyota to a Ferrari, Evertz better than Keylink ? It the
>world upside down.
>	Merry Chrismas to all of you, especially to Rob for all the great work he
>	Kind regards 
>	Jean-Clement Soret

This is almost like the "PC" versus "Mac" disputes ;^)

- But I like to jump in before David get's put down here.

I worked with both systems for many years and I still feel that the Evertz
system is a lot more transparent in my day to day work.
The Aaton screen is still as cluttered as it has always been. To display the
selected gate and telecine speed in the main working screen is almost an insult
to me - if you don't know what gate you're using or what speed your telecine is
currently running at, then it might be time to look for a different job.

Both systems have certain advantages and disadvantages.

JC Sorets comparison between a "Toyota and a Ferrari" doesn't seem appropriate
to me - sorry.

- Kay.

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