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predictable (was Amazing)

On Dec 20, 17:33, jp beauviala wrote:
} Subject: Re: Amazing  (not the way you think)

> > Well now that all has cooled off a bit, I am completely amazed 
> > at how people defend the Aaton device. [..]

what's not amazing to me is the predictability of this thread: DK
attacks product A; product A is defended by users, with competition
(product B) incidentally maligned; manufacturer of product A defends;
user defends product B... the manufacturer of product B hasn't been
heard from yet-- perhaps doesn't think the debate is at a very high

I don't think in this case that defenses are necessary, as most
engineers and colorists already understand the core issues... but the
concept of 'equal time' for opposing arguments probably applies here,
to a point.

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