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Dont get me wrong!!

Dear Collegues
 Please I am not "attacking" nor have I "attacked" the Aaton. Like I
said I find it to be a very clever device. What I was trying to say was
that the things that are being claimed that Aaton is capable of
performing (and dare I say performing flawlessly) are not allways the
case in my experence.
 I can also say the same for the Evertz. Both devices were designed on a
workbench far from the crooked streets of Hollywood, by Engineers who do
not have to deal with impatient clients, students, and independent
producers who could care less what box syncs there sound or logs there
key numbers. They want their dailes done quickly and accurately. In this
senario I find the TLC, Evertz combination to be both faster, more
reliable and by far more cost effective than the Aaton device (And I
challenge ANYONE to prove me wrong, just name the time and place).
 I can think of a hundred things that can be improved on the Evertz and
the Evertz-keylog (I'd be happy to give my input if they desire it), But
as you can see there is no one out there claiming the Evertz can make
wine out of water. So for now the comparison goes on.
 And the folks who love Aaton will have to live with the facts till the
next version of software is issued to fix all the problems that came
with the last version (or so they say....we will see)
 Just a word for TLC now, the last time I had as many problems with tlc 
I E-mailed my disgust to the tig and what do you think happened? Did I
get a E-mail back from Davinci telling me to buy the next version of
software and all my problems will be gone...NO! I had no less than Gary
Adams calling me the VERY NEXT MORNING, asking when he can come in and
take a look at my problem. The problem was fixed by 3:00 pm. Thank you
 The Growler

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