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RE: Evertz Keycode Help

>>Bob Lancaster
>>....occasionally the A-B-C-D part of the key-kode window on the tape would
>>disappear.  The feet and frame count would remain in tact and correct,

>Craig Nichols
>If I remember correctly, I beiveve that I saw something similar a few years
>back when the frame pulse from the Rank had been terminated on the 4025.
>Leaving it unterminated solved the problem. I recall that the termination
>was causing the frame pulse to ride on the "hairy edge" of being a
>consistently valid detectable level.  

The pulldown characters are only shown when the telecine is at locked
play speed and the pulldown pulse is matching the transfer speed.  Craig
is right, if the frame pulse is marginal in timing or level, then the
disappearing pulldown character will flag the use of a potential
problem.  It can also be shown by the Frame LED on the front panel
flashing off. 

There are several causes - one being a termination on the line, another
being noise on the frame pulse, a third being marginal timing.  Newer
firmware revisions have desensitized the 4025 to frame pulse
irregularities.  Contact Evertz tech support for specific assistance if
the problem persists.

Alan Lambshead


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