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Re: Re: predictable (was Amazing)

>Said  David Keleshian  21/12/97 23:46 :
>> I am meerly pointing out what are in my opinon false claims 
>> by my peers.
>> As for your instasync how much do you plan on charging for 
>> that device and how much commision does certain colorist make 
>> to sing it's praises.

Wow, this is pretty ugly...  it seems that whenever someone on the TIG 
actually likes something and says nice things about it, they are accused 
of being paid to say those nice things.  It's happened with  telecines, 
and other things.  

I think that early adopters of new technology tend to be vocal in 
praising it, partly because they are trying to convince themselves over 
and over that they made the right decision.  And partly because they 
believe it.  It's a pretty common phenomenon, and has been studied by 
academics a lot.

And of course you can't entirely separate the tools from the user.  There 
is a connection both financial (the user bought the tool, or his/her 
facility did) and practical (they use the tool).

But, if anyone here is paying others to say nice things, hey, I'm open to 
getting paid not to say mean things!  The TIG protection racket!  Just 
kidding, Rob.

John Snopes
Bunco Squad
Muncie, Indiana

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