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Re: Re: predictable (was Amazing)

J Snopes <JSnopes at aol.com> said;

>Wow, this is pretty ugly...  it seems that whenever someone on the TIG
>actually likes something and says nice things about it, they are accused
>of being paid to say those nice things.  It's happened with  telecines,
>and other things.
>I think that early adopters of new technology tend to be vocal in
>praising it, partly because they are trying to convince themselves over
>and over that they made the right decision.  And partly because they
>believe it.  It's a pretty common phenomenon, and has been studied by
>academics a lot.

I think that there is another angle to the praising of Post Production
equipment. Because the market is quite small, and allot of the companies
that we purchase our equipment from have grown out of a post engineer with
a good idea (like Digital Voodoo in my case) then there is a wide range in
quality of this equipment, that we have to deal with.

Just because it works on the bench, does not mean that it can be shipped to
everyone around the world. I guess what I am saying is that there is a lot
of bad equipment out there, that poor engineers have to try and make work
on a day by day basis. When we come across a bit of equipment that is
really cool, then we are so overwhelmed by it, we just want to tell

Like the TWiGi, I think that this has to be one of the best bits of
equipment that I ever seen. I can not think of anything these guys at ITK
could do to make it a better product, apart from the installation
instructions, and so I find that anyone in our industry that I talk to, I
will evangelise it to them. Same with the Pogle ESR. But it is a little sad
to suggest that I might be getting paid by them, and it sort of limits the
ability to get to excited about anything. I guess even the guys that do
demo for a manufacturer, do so because they love the product. I think that
it is very healthy to get excited about products that are great, as It will
only make the world a better place.

Where I think there is a problem, is when agents for certain products in
distant country's, post messages about equipment, without anyone knowing
that they are an agent for it, because the message it worded like they are
a user. This is a little over the line, I think.

Regards, and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Grant Petty.
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