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disclaimers (was: predictable)

On Dec 23,  4:13, J Snopes wrote:
} Subject: Re:  Re: predictable (was Amazing)

> Wow, this is pretty ugly...  it seems that whenever someone on the TIG 
> actually likes something and says nice things about it, they are accused 
> of being paid to say those nice things.  It's happened with  telecines, 
> and other things.  
It's a fact that on the internet it can be difficult to determine
someone's motives for their actions.  If this is coupled with the
other fact that the internet is an extremely effective theater for
product and service promotion, one realizes quickly that it is a very
good idea to clarify one's intent when one posts a message that could
be misconstrued.  

For an article posted to a Usenet newsgroup to be taken seriously and
as fact, it is customary for an author who praises a product to
disclaim his or her blessing with an short blurb that he or she is not
compensated for the act.  The TIG is bigger than many Usenet
newsgroups, more focused, and potentially much more effective for the
would-be product promotion... given these facts we should try to use
the disclaimer when possible.

To put it another way, yes the accusations are ugly, but deflect and
avoid them by disclaiming your praise of a product with a simple 
"I receive no compensation from [manufacturer Z]".

--Rob Lingelbach
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