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Re: t'is the season

On Dec 24, 10:41, "Peter Balfour" wrote:
} Subject: t'is the season

> And I say BRAVO ROB have a good break, you deserve it
> We will, it'll be 35 C on chrissy day here. 
> I suppose it will be 35 F there

thanks Malcolm, and Peter, et al.  Good to know the TIG is fulfilling
its prime purpose of informing those in realms far-flung.

I forgot to reboot the webserver after taking it down to move some
furniture around this morning at home, so the TIG webpages have been
down all day.. they'll be back up this evening.  My next project is to
train Chico and Harpo in Unix administration.  (the Barks Brothers, my

In Los Angeles we will probably be about 60 F on Christmas day with
rain (generated by El Nin~o), but I'll be in Santa Fe where your
estimate will most likely be closer to the truth.

Happy Holidays to all.

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