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Buyer BEWARE ! !

                      Subject:                              Time:  7:34
  OFFICE MEMO         Buyer BEWARE ! !                      Date:  12/26/97

    Broadcast Video Warehouse , (BVW) is a video equipment broker in Simi
Valley, Ca., who is giving the industry a very bad reputation. 
    They had quoted a used piece of equipment with certain optional boards for
a fixed price, which included shipping.  They required a bank wire transfer in
advance for the purchase.  The quote also specified a 48 hour inspection
   After transferring the funds, for 30 days we tried to inquire about the
status of shipping, but they could not be reached.  Many messages were left on
their answering machine with no response.  The unit finally arrived from a
third party, less the optional items.  The trird party is a reputable dealer,
who shipped exactly what was ordered from him by BVW.  Again we tried
unsuccessfully many times to contact the broker by voice message, fax and
registered letter.  We have since received a billing from Fed/Ex for shipping
charges incurred by BVW in sending their payment to the third party.
     This posting is a warning to all buyers of used equipment.  If Broadcast
Video Warehouse, or Lori Carson, dba whatever company name she now goes by,
tries to contact you, of if you have a bad experience with them, please
contact me directly, there is a pending legal action.

Lawrence Barth
Chief Engineer
Video Tape Associates
Atlanta, Ga.
404-634-6181  fax: 404-321-1078  larry.barth at vta.com

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