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Passing of a year (was: Spirit Update)

Drew, I enjoyed your observations on the Spirit telecine. It was good to
have somebody talk about the machine who really doesn't have a huge ax to
grind, but has got significant experience with both Cintel and Philips.
Your comments about support were particularly interesting!

As a (former) telecine, read Cintel, specialist; I cannot help but see that
we are witnessing a quantum leap (to use a very well-worn phrase) in
telecine technology, repeatability and reliability. Not to mention
operating costs. Many, if not all the "telecine" engineers that I know are
now much more engaged in solving "systems" type problems, to do with room
configuration, film-code (Aaton, Keykode, etc), client issues and set-up
parameters. What they are not doing is fixing the machine, changing tubes
or kneeling in front of the mechine for interminable hours.

I do not mourn the passing of those days, even though early Digiscan II
"reliability" gave me enough overtime to buy my first (and thus far only)
Porsche. I once likened the MkIII and the  FDL-60 to the diference between
a Jaguar and a Toyota. These days, we are really looking at the age of the
Jaguar or the Lexus. I'd be as happy as a clam with a new Jag. XK8, which
may yet be what the C-Reality will turn into; however the Spirit reminds me
so much of a new Lexus LS400 that I drove the other day, complete with
on-board GPS navigation. Man, was that a smooth ride!

We all owe Philips a debt of gratitide for advancing the art significantly,
and showing that some of the shortcomings of our existing methodology dont
really need to be there. Like many people, I suspect, I'm greatly
anticipating the Cintel "response", if you can call it that. 1998 is going
to be an interesting year for us all.

By the way, in response to queries received, I'd like to take this
opportunity to formally announce that I have left Editel, Los Angeles;
after almost 7 (until recently, happy) years. I will be starting at Pacific
Ocean Post as Chief Engineer for the Television division, on the 5th
January 1998; a position and a company about which I'm very excited.
I'm looking forward to teaming with Joe O'Hanlon, and I'm totally stoked
(dude!) to be working with four very talented colorists, all of whom I've
worked with before: Wayne Hampton, Mark "Griff" Griffith, Rob Lingelbach
and Gino "G-Man" Panaro; not to mention the colorists and assistants I
haven't yet worked with, who are very highly regarded round town here.
Although I called myself a "former" telecine engineer, everyone knows that
you can never leave your film "roots", and one of the things that make POP
an exciting proposition is their significant all-round commitment to the
film medium, not unlike the people who contribute to the TIG!

By the way, Drew, we miss you here in LA as well. We'll catch up at NAB,

Best regards to everyone,

Mike Orton

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
|         Seneca. 8 B.C.- 65 A.D.                         |

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