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I write for Broadcast Engineering magazine.  I have a new section which begins
with the Jan '98 issue entitled "Behind the Headlines."   I want to do a story
for our Feb '98 issue on film-to-data transfer as opposed to film-to-tape
transfers.  With the advent of HiDef TV, it would not do a film justice to
bump it up from the current NTSC for Hi defination presentation.  You can not
make a silk purse (Hi Def.)out of a sow's ear (NTSC) and that's what happens
when NTSC is bumped up to HiDef.  To do a film justice, it would have to be
retransfered at a much higher scan rate, pixel rate etc.  I'm looking for
input on this and I'm also going to tie this in with another thing I'm writing
called "Electronic Cinema."  Please contact me here at my e-mail address if
you would like to discuss this with me.  


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