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New Year's Day, and already the possibility of conflict and confusion is

Larry: please forgive me if I sound patronising, but can I say you are
confusing two fundamentally different topics when you talk about
film-to-data and HDTV telecine. If we ignore for the moment the fact that
there is still no agreed HDTV standard, we can say with some confidence
that there are already a large number of HDTV telecine suites out there
working. Some use the Cintel Mk III HD telecine, there may be a Philips BTS
FLH-1000 still in service (but there may not), and there are now Philips
Spirit suites running HDTV. Looking back in history when HDTV was invented,
Cintel telecines were providing high quality source material long before an
electronic camera of adequate resolution was constructed.

Film-to-data is a whole different can of worms. The standards business is
even more complex, and no-one really knows what to do with the data when it
is transferred. Off real time (and all film to data transfers are a long
way off real time at the moment) it is actually quite a lot easier to do
data than real time HDTV, which is why Cintel's new telecine will be
deliverable in the spring with standard definition and 2k outputs, but you
will have to wait for the fall for HDTV.

But the fundamental difference is that HDTV is television and data is
computers, and whatever people try to tell you about convergence, they are
very, very different things.

Happy new year!


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