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Dick Hobbs wrote :
<Off real time (and all film to data transfers are a long
<way off real time at the moment) it is actually quite a lot easier to do
<data than real time HDTV, which is why Cintel's new telecine will be
<deliverable in the spring with standard definition and 2k outputs, but you
<will have to wait for the fall for HDTV.

Today, and since a few years now, Philips provides equipment for real time
HDTV transfer (FLH 1000 and now Spirit). Real time digital non-compressed
or compressed  HDTV recorders are also available on the market. It is
actually very very easy to do HDTV real time transfers, with the exception
maybe of powerful secondary color corrections, but wait for NAB 98...
2K real time is not that far off, the main bottle neck remain in the
interface speeds between Spirit and the computers and between the computers
and the disk drives, but internally, Spirit is capable of handling real
time 2K data.
The technological advance of Spirit is that it always processes 2k data in
real time internally, there is no HDTV to SDTV downconversion as falsely
mentionned too many times, it reformats the data in either HDTV or SDTV,
depending on the output required. That is the reason why Spirit can only
provide one format at a time, machines capable of providing simultaneous
formats necessarily use downconversion.
Real time HDTV and 2K data is a question of processing speed, hence
Happy NEw Year to all.

Ralph Chaloub
Philips Film Imaging Products
Marketing Manager Europe

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