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Re: suggestions on 601 D-A converters?

At 08:20 AM 1/2/98 -0500, Vince Forcier wrote:
> I could also
>use some suggestion about monitoring quality 601-NTSC/PAL encoders. I am
>currently using the Miranda. What else is out there? Thanks. Vince.

The Aja stuff rocks!
Inexpensive, and real decent (monitor) quality.  
Most importantly, NO CLIPS......and the encoders have selectable
pedestal/no pedestal.
We just got a Miranda SDM-110C, which is a combo DAC/encoder, which is
rumoured to have no clips......haven't tested it yet.
As for the Miranda SDM-200......yechhh........white and black clip, lots of
burst jitter.it was great for it's time, when that was all that was out
there for the price.


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