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Re: Spirit update!

	 Mr Marsh, thank you for your comments, I appreciate you don't try to
justify the big money spent and you say what you think. You are not too
brash, if a product is not good it has to be said even if the audience is
big, it's the best way to get the right tools and quicker, maybe some less
politically correct postings will stimulate the manufacturers ? Salesmen
never say bad things about their product that's why I don't believe them
even the good things they say.
	I have had similar problems with my Spirit, still intermittent ones with
servo, there is no slide gate, inch framing not accurate, it needs to be
readjusted everytime you change gates, black level steppy, no secondary
color correction, (did Ralph Chaloube say something for NAB ?) Well, don't
worry Philips I have a list even bigger of complains about every piece of
equipement in my room including the Ursa, and I agree with Mr Marsh
comments on picture quality. Can't we have a telecine that has the good
things of Philips and Cintel ?

	Disclaimer: I doubt any manufacturer will send me anything after this,
except tomatoes.

   	Jean-Clement Soret

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