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Re: day for night

>A DP who wants to shoot 35mm color negative and create a 'day for
>night' look would like to know how to expose the film.
>He has shot black&white in this manner at 2.5 stops underexposed; how
>many stops, as a rule, would he underexpose for color?

Generally speaking the range is 1.5 to 2.5 stops max.  There are many
factors beyond this that can affect the look. Lighting is VERY important in
order to get the right contrast and not loose detail in the blacks.  You
want to avoid something like a dark background and dark clothing.  Front
lighting can seriously affect shadows.  Cross lighting from the back at a
shallow angle can give the best effect, depending on subject matter. 
Another common technique is to use a partial ND filter to bring down a
bright sky.
The typical trick to get the desired underexposure is to slip the
appropriate full field ND filter on the camera and NOT adjust the exposure
as you normally would.

Film labs should have a good deal of information on the tricks that work best.
I think this is the sort of thing that requires a bit of experimentation,
maybe shoothing some 16mm for a few "cheap" tests and then going on to the
real thing.

Hope this helps.  Keep in mind that I'm no expert.

-Martin Euredjian


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