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Re: Color Spaceing Problem in Flame/Fire/Inferno

i'm just catching up on my mail and  read your reply to this  color
space problem. I hate  to correct you on this,  but around XMAS time i
was  talking to  discrete about  buying  1-4 new systems and when i
asked about the color  space problem they  told me the  problem still
exist in the new  onyx 2 with inferno/flame/fire  and its still for
free. They said it still clips the blacks  at 7.5 and the whites at 100
IRE. Its  not a  SGI problem  this time
Its a Discrete problem, they haven't re-written the code to take
advantage of the hardware fix. They said Sgi redesigned the video
interface w/ a 13 bit chip set and the problem is  85% better the
original sirus interface.  By NAB the  code should be done as well as
fixes for  FIRE for audio editing. I  put my order on hold for now. I'm
old fashioned when it comes to buying equipment- "seeing is believing"  
I'm just confused  why the  industry  let  discrete and  sgi  get  away 
with the onyx-1 /sirus  problem for all these years. This problem has 
cause so much grief in the industry, not to mention all the finger
pointing with between post houses and clients  walking around screaming
at everyone after spending tens of thousands of dollars color correcting
their work. If  Quantel, Rank, Sony or Davinci did this we would be down
their throats in a micro second. And wht happens to all the people who
purchased the older systems, I guess their on their own and not to
mention the bottom  falling out of the onyx 1  market  when the onyx2 
came out. 
I remember back in the early 80's when i just got a job at teletronics
as a video engineer and i was working on a 1 inch machine  doing  an
audio alignment and the chief  audio engineer  Ira walked up to me and 
said your a video guy  you  don't know  jack about audio  I looked at
him and said your right  show me and he did. I think we video people
should say the same thing to some of the indivduals and manufactures in
the computer industry  And hopefully they will say  "show me"

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