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'Marketing help' explained

Before everyone on the TIG gets in an uproar-- which will probably
happen anyway-- I'll explain something here.

David Fenton's post of today that is indeed blantant advertising was
never intended for the TIG main group-- it was forwarded by me to the
-announce (advertising) digest but due to a header anomaly went out to
the main TIG as well (I didn't delete a header line that I should
have).  Mr. Fenton had sent it to the main TIG address, but it was
incidentally rejected because it was sent from a non-subscribed
address.  Had Mr. Fenton sent it from his usual address it would have
passed through to the TIG just as it did...

The TIG is not officially 'moderated', that is, anyone can post
anything-- but hopefully everyone is familiar with the rules and
guidelines sent out with each initial subscription.  The simple, main
rule is that there is no advertising on the main group.

I can moderate the group more tightly, screening every message, if that
is what the group wants.  I last asked this question 18 months ago and
the vote was to keep it open; I'm open to suggestions for change.

Messages like Mr. Fenton's are not permitted on the TIG but I have no
way, currently, of preventing them from a subscriber-- this is an
honor system.  (People can be prevented from subscribing, however--
the main spam defense.)

TIG adnministrator

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