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Re: Awakening Spirit

To All

I had my Spirit installed about a month ago, serial number 39.  I echo Bob
Festa's comments.  I have read the coments on the TIG on earlier Spirt
telecines and I have not any problems in my machine.   The Spirit is flawless.
I was astounded by the clarity of 16mm.  The Spirit truely does make
fantasitic pictures.  Carl Van Camp also did my install.   I can't say enough
good things about Carl.  He truely believes in his product and Carl is great
in explaning how the box works.  My Spirit was making pictures in less than 3
hours out of the box.  No field modifications on the install either, like
other new telecines that I have commisioned that have claimed that they don't
have color drift.)  The Spirit DOES NOT DRIFT.  What a comfort to know that I
can color correct all the film and lay to tape at the end of the day without
the worry of color drift.  Isn't that the way it's suppose to be.  

Bob Sliga
Sr. Colorist
The Film & Tape Works  Chicago  

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