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Awakening Spirit...Cintel bashing

Dave.Satin at SMAvid.com wrote:

> 2 questions for you:
> 1. What grading system are you driving your Spirit with?

daVinci 8:8:8, DVNR, and Encore Digital Prism tertiary color.

> 2. Do you charge more for the Spirit than an Ursa?

My favorite part here. $1300.00 per hour. Not discounted. We are turning
them away at the door. Attn. management types...please don't drop your
rates on DataCine transfers, I'd like to make some money this year.

Steve Russell wrote;

> Comment to David Fenton Post re MARKETING HELP
> Gee Dave, seems our advertisements work - certainly got your attention.
> Calm down and breathe deeply - its only television - nobody dies.
Seems like for years we couldn't get a word out of these Cintel guys,
much less any help. Now we cant shut them up. I'm sure actions at NAB
will speak much louder than words, right David Fenton? Rather than
ripping the competition, maybe you could lay out some hard facts as to
how a CRT based system can overcome its physical limitations.

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