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Re: Awakening Spirit

     Today was a milestone for our Spirit.  After 6204 hours of hassle-free
service, the light bulb was replaced. (The answer is one, by the way!!)
     I put up the TAF and there were no changes needed.  Not a whit.  Not a
bit.  It was exactly as it had been.  Rock solid.
     Our machine, #121, has been everything you've read recently on the TIG.
Again, Carl van Camp was our installer and indeed he is a fantastic person.
     After nine months on the machine, I continue to be amazed every day at
the ease with which this telecine delivers wonderful pictures.  Bob Festa
mentioned cyan; I've been amazed at the yellows and golds I've been getting.
Jewelry and blond hair never looked better on television.
     As ever, I am not a paid endorser for BTS,  just a happy camper.  Or
van Camper...

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer

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