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Re: Re[2]: day for night

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<<Am I missing something here? I've battled forever that night is dark,_ not
I just went outside to check. Sure enough, it's dark out there. Is this an
"blue" appendage from the early days of film-making??? 

Night is Blue, or at least moon light is. Moon light is just reflected light
from the sun, or Daylight, which is Approximately 5500 Kelvin, Tungsten lamps
are about 2800 Kelvin, at least household bulbs made by G.E., and Phillips,
etc. are.
SO If I am sitting out on my porch late in the evening, and my porch lights
are on, someone standing on my porch, being lit by both the moonlight, and the
lights from my porch will appear to be both blue, and whitish. Remeber Seeing
is a learned Process, and the brain adjusts the visual signals set from the
eye to form a picture it likes. Now Everyone knows that the kitchen bulbs are
white, even the brain, so then if the moonlight is a different color than the
"WHITE" of the kitchen/porch bulbs, then the bulb's light remains white, and
we perceive the Reflected sunlight off the moon as bluish. Of course this is
only my opinion. I suppose that having seen many movies, and television shows
that show the night as blue, may influence our perceptions, however that may
be another topic.
Steven Gladstone ( D.P.  still at large)

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